The true three-axis stabilization system of C_Series will enhance the connectivity and eliminate the keyhole effect even though when you are cruising the Equator region. You will feel definite difference of quality within budget.

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• In-built DVB-S2X Tuner
  Carrier SNR direct tracking is available
• Two types of VSAT Options
  BUC/LNB version with Open BMIP compatibility
  Transceiver version
• Standard Rack Mount ACU
• True Reliable Tracking system
  Based on Inverse Kinematics Technology Tracking
  Algorithm, Antenna tracking performance is reliable.
• High Performance Stabilization in Rough 
• Automatic Satellite Search
• Accurate Signal Acquisition by KNS’s 
  Distinctive Algorithm
• Pre-Programmed Satellite Database
  Editable 80 Satellite Data
•High Gain Reflector
• Web interface & Remote software upgrade
   M&C function and firmware upgrade fully sup
   ported via web interface.
• Graphic monitoring support
   Antenna signal strength or RSSD can be moni
   tored through web GUI via PC and other
   wireless device such as Tablet PC and Mobile
• WiFi support
   ACU can be operated by WiFi interface, a sea
   mless wireless interface between user and ACU
• Open BMIP compatibility
   Support Open BMIP mainly for Inmarsat GX
• Built in GPS