Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

The Highlander BNWAS is a professional 3-stage alerting system for guaranteeing bridge watch-standing presence as prescribed by IMO for vessels above 150 gt.  All elements of the system – alarms, resetters, motion detectors, operation unit, interface unit – are designed and built to the highest marine industrial standards to last the ship indefinitely.

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With BNWAS, the ship’s master sets a regular “dormant” interval period of between 3 and 12 minutes.  On a continuous, repetitive basis the BNWAS produces a flashing light at the end of this dormant period.  The ship’s officer has just 15 seconds in which to press a reset button in order to stop the flashing light.  If he fails to do so, an audible alarm will sound off at the operation unit and reset buttons.  If he still fails to dismiss the alarming in these 15 seconds, audible alarming will go off in the backup officer and master’s cabin as well.  Now a 90-second countdown period starts after which, if still noone has reset the system, the audible alarming is triggered at all of the other alarm units installed in crew members’ cabins and other places in the ship.  BNWAS thus pares to zero the likelihood of the ship having an accident because of its bridge being unattended. The BNWAS is automatically engaged whenever the ship’s heading (autopilot) or track control system is activated. The system is tamperproof.