Highlander’s 900 Series X-band and S-band ARPA radars are designed and produced entirely by Highlander and are MED certified.  They are exceptionally dependable anti-collision systems, approved for vessels of all tonnages, built with state-of-the-art electronics, mechanicals and exceptionally stable software that give the professional seafarer best-in-class detection and tracking performance.

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The bridge display screen is abundant in information yet simple to understand.  Likewise, the keyboard and trackball are ergonomic with a nice intuitive arrangement of controls.  Settings and adjustments are made by both on-screen pointer and keyboard controls. Conceived from the outset with multi-function display architecture, the 900 Series radar is configured with limitless interswitchability whereby the alignment of several bridge displays with antennas is a simple system setting. Targets from an externally connected automatic identification system (AIS) are displayed together with their navigation data.  The radar correlates this data with its own tracking information to produce single target tracks.Thanks to proprietary clutter suppression techniques, the Highlander 900 Series radar finds buoys, small craft and other illusive objects in even the worst weather conditions.