10 Channel Alarm Unit

Flexibility and simplicity were the main goals when the MS-10b was developed. It is flexible in configuring and applying as well as in programming. This has resulted a high graded Alarm Unit that can be applied in many situations. For example alarms on critical components in generator sets, main engines and other machines. But also giving an alarm in the wheel house, porter’s lodge, cabins and dayrooms. It can also be a part any kind of alarm and monitoring system. The Llyods register and BV type approved, MS10b can also give a status indication of watertight doors.

The MS10B-DO10 has 10 digital transistor outputs. Each output can be up to 500mA. The communication port on the MS10B which is normally used for connecting to a co-signaling is now being used by the extension module.

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  • Applicable in many different situations because of the flexibility
  • Simple configuration by means of rotary switches
  • Easy integration with other systems using the standard RS-485 Modbus interface
  • Free choice in channel text description
  • Defect alarm lights are ruled out by use of LEDs
  • Integrated pushbuttons, which make extra buttons superfluous
  • Designed for heavy industrial applications, and therefore its operational safety and reliability can be trusted upon.
  • Dimensions:144x72x75 (WxBxD)
  • Cut out 138×68 (WxD)
  • Power supply 18-30 Vdc
  • Current 150 mA max
  • 10 digital inputs (NO/NC)
  • Modbus interface (RS485)
  • 3 group outputs
  • 3 lock inputs
  • Potential free alarm relay
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Type approved by Lloyd’s Register and Bureau Veritas