The Supertrack Z-Series is the perfect solution for high speed broadband connectivity in any challenging sea condition. We assure you stay connected wherever you are via on board networks such as internet access, email, multiple VoIP phones, video conference and many more.

KNS is your trusted partner in maritime satellite communication with industry leading technology, state-of-art design in stabilize platform and highly efficient RF design & performance.

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• In-built DVB-S2X Tuner
  Carrier SNR direct tracking is available
• Automatic Switchable RF System
  Ku/Ka band is automatically switching without any hard-
  ware conversions. According to OpenAMIP functions,
  frequency band switching is available. Automatic switchable option of Ka band polarity is available.
• Easy Maintenance with simple modular design
  All electrical control parts are integrated in one single
  module “PCU” for fast and easy maintenance.
• Web interface & Remote software upgrade
  Monitoring and Control (M&C) function and firmware
  upgrade fully supported via web interface.
• Graphic monitoring support
  Antenna signal strength or RSSD can be monitored
  through web GUI via PC and other wireless device such
  as tablet PC and mobile phone.
• WiFi support
  ACU can be operated by Wifi interface, a seamless
  wireless interface between user and ACU
• OpenBMIP compatibility for Ka band
  Support OpenBMIP mainly for Inmarsat GX platform
• Automatic Satellite Search & Skew Control
• Unlimited Azimuth
• Accurate Signal Acquisition by KNS’s Distinctive
• Pre-programmed Satellite Database
  Editable 80 satellite data
• Antenna Control Unit
  3 Types of Gyro Input (NMEA, Synchro, Step by Step)