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On the voyage over the ocean, under various dynamic circumstances, our professional sailors always keep going through. However, the need for connecting to the World behaves every single sailor’s mind. Chatting with friends, phone call with family, enjoying satellite TV at recreation area… and even, emergency communications. Our antenna systems would provide high quality and reliable network connection and/or satellite television to proffessional sailors. Wherever travel, you will receive outstanding support and service through our certified quality, product, and customer support programs. You may contact with us 24/7 online or by phone around the globe

Independent from the brand of product, ANKA is capable of providing all kind of services. ANKA technical team and personnel having the sufficient experience and competency with their training certificates, can give service in both domestic and overseas, ANKA has no problem in supplying of spare parts.If it's required, spare parts which are not in our stock list , provided from overseas. For your overseas service demands ANKA can make all necessary service organisation from the authorized service agent in your vessel's calling ports. ANKA is very professional and capable of solving your unexpected problems via on-line at any time without service charge.

Radio Surveys should be carried out in accordance with SOLAS Convention, reference is made to the “IMO Resolution A.1120(30) - SURVEY GUIDELINES UNDER THE HARMONIZED SYSTEM OF SURVEY AND CERTIFICATION (HSSC), 2017”. It is stated that initial and annual radio survey, issuance, renewal and endorsement of Safety Radio Survey Certificates of radio installations on SOLAS ships should be carried out in accordance with the rules laid down in IMO resolution A.1120(30). The radio survey should always be performed by a fully qualified radio surveyor who has adequate knowledge of the IMO`s relevant Convention, particularly SOLAS and associated performance standards, and appropriate ITU Radio Regulations. The radio survey should be carried out using suitable test equipment capable of performing all relevant measurements required by these Guidelines. Ship owners and managers are required to arrange radio firms approved by Class Societies for annual inspection and maintenance required at SR surveys. Anka Marine is approved for SR surveys by classification societies ABS, BV, DNVGL, LR, NKK, RINA, LR, TL

Voyage data recorder, or VDR, is a data recording system designed for all vessels required to comply with the IMO's International Convention SOLAS Requirements (IMO Res.A.861(20)) in order to collect data from various sensors on board the vessel. Anka Marine is approved for Annual Performance Test for VDR/SVDR according to the latest resolution of IMO MSC Circular 1222 by classification societies ABS, BV, DNVGL, LR, NKK, RINA, LR, TL (by manufacturers Highlander HLD-A, HLD-A2/S, HLD-B2/S2, HLD-VDR600/SVDR600. WARTSILA VDR 4330/40). Our team of experienced and skilled VDR/S-VDR Surveyors operate from our Regional Offices. They are trained and equipped to carry out VDR/S-VDR APT certification.

An emergency position-indicating radiobeacon (EPIRB) is a type of emergency locator beacon, a portable battery powered radio transmitter used in emergencies to locate airplanes, vessels, and persons in distress and in need of immediate rescue. The annual testing of 406 MHz satellite EPIRBs is required by SOLAS regulation IV/15.9. The testing should be carried out using suitable test equipment capable of performing all the relevant measurements required in the guidelines. All checks of electrical parameters should be performed in the self-test mode, if possible.

The new requirement is set out in IMO Resolution MSC.308(88) under new regulation 18.9 to Chapter V of SOLAS which states: "The automatic identification system (AIS) shall be subject to an annual test. The test shall be conducted by an approved surveyor or an approved testing or servicing facility. The test shall verify the correct programming of the ship static information, correct data exchange with connected sensors as well as verifying the radio performance by radio frequency measurement and on-air test using, e.g., a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). A copy of the test report shall be retained on board the ship".

The International Marine Organization states that all GMDSS equipment (including SARTs) should be periodically maintained and verified to meet all the performance requirements. In case of test failure, ships may be detained in a port under SOLAS regulation IV/15.8. The 9GHz Search and rescue radar transponder (radar-SART) is indispensable safety device and it must be checked regularly or annually during radio inspection. The purpose of an annual testing is to determine that SART is operational as defined in appropriate performance standards for Survival Craft Radar Transponders for use in Search and Rescue Operations, IMO Resolution A.802 (19).

The Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) is a safety measure for strengthening ship’s security and subduing acts of piracy and/or terrorism against shipping. Widely Acknowledged as a part of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS code), the Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) complements the International Maritime Organization (IMO)’s attempts to increase maritime vessel security. The Flag States decide who will be the initial recipient of the security alerts from the ships. The recipient may be one or more parties designated by the Flag State as competent authorities, which may include the Company (shipowner) or a SSAS manaegement third party. The procedures for testing the SSAS should be in accordance with MSC/Circ.1155 alert testing involving Administration should not exceed more than once a year and should coincide with the annual safety radio and/or safety equipment survey.

From the beginning of January 2017, all officers using ecdis on board ships need to have the right certification that shows they have received generic and type-specific ecdis training. Generic training should ensure navigators can use and understand ecdis as part of the navigation of ships. The type-specific, or familiarisation, training should ensure they are competent in using the specific model and its different functions. Anka may supply, install and train the officers for Intermarine ECDIS