TracPhone V3HTS


TracPhone V3HTS

Optimize business efficiency, profitability, and crew morale with TracPhone V3HTS, the 37 cm Ku-band marine VSAT system that lets you make the most of your time at sea.

- High performance
 This end-to-end 37 cm SATCOM solution includes a rugged antenna with high-performance stabilization and  tracking.

 - Blazing fast speeds
 With speeds as fast as 5 Mbps/2 Mbps (down/up)1,? the TracPhone V3HTS delivers faster data rates than   the leading, competing Ku-band 60-85 cm VSAT systems. Plus, that’s more than double the download speed   and more than 15 times the upload speed of KVH’s TracPhone V3IP.

 As a result, you, your crew, and your business have the power to connect with your office, obtain chart  and weather updates, browse the Internet, review emails, stream HD content, use WhatsApp, tm and more.

 - Coverage where you want it
 Using the No. 1 global marine VSAT service,?? the TracPhone V3HTS delivers the same global connections   enjoyed by the largest commercial vessels. KVH’s mini-VSAT BroadbandSM HTS   network offers unmatched   speed and coverage using new next-generation high-throughput satellites (HTS) from Intelsat and SKY   Perfect JSAT.

- Affordable metered airtime plans
 Flexible airtime plans provide the fastest available network speeds at all times with monthly data    packages designed to fit your business and crew needs.

 - Outperforms 60-85 cm antennas
 The TracPhone V3HTS outperforms the leading competing 60-85 cm Ku-band antennas and sets a new standard  in maritime satellite communications.

High-performance 37 cm SATCOM system designed for fast boats and rough seas
Streaming speeds as fast as 5/2 Mbps (download/upload)* for powerful Internet and voice connections
Coverage where you want it using the No.1 global marine VSAT service**
Outperforms the leading competing 60-85 cm Ku-band antennas
Enjoy the freedom of adventure and get more out of life on your boat with TracPhone V3HTS, the 37 cm marine VSAT system that saves you from being tethered to shore.